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From concept to commercialization: Metrics delivers across the spectrum

Air compressor. Air handlers. Chillers. Boilers. Cooling tower. Generator. Roof.

Construction underway at our Greenville, N.C., campus is shaping architectural renderings into a proper facility.

The work is part of an $80-million project that will significantly expand facilities and equipment for Metrics Contract Services and its parent company, Mayne Pharma. Construction of the 126,000-square-foot, oral-dose commercial manufacturing facility will quadruple the company’s U.S. manufacturing capacity, and create 10+ new analytical laboratories and formulation development suites.

Once the building opens, Metrics Contract Services will offer a more comprehensive “concept to commercialization” solution in one contiguous location for clients — providing larger scale and increased capabilities for seamless scale-up, and eliminating the need for site transfers.

One highlight of the expansion includes commercial-scale manufacturing capability with solvent-based, fluid-bed processing and film coating — a first for our operations in the United States. As a global leader in novel oral drug delivery technologies, Mayne Pharma will triple its fluid-bed processing capacity through this facility.

These operations will feature the Glatt GPCG Pro 120 fluid bed system with an integrated Glatt VG 400 high-shear wet granulator and in-line milling. Capable of performing the full range of fluid bed processes, the Glatt GPCG Pro 120 offers high-shear granulating, top-spray granulating, drying and Wurster coating. The machine is 12-bar rated for organic solvent spraying.

This commercial unit will have its smaller pilot-scale counterparts, a Glatt GPCG 10 and a Glatt GPCG 30, installed in the existing Metrics GMP development facility in Greenville.

Other select equipment includes:

  • The IMA Pharma Adapta encapsulator, which can dose powders, pellets and liquids in large volume with precision. This is matched to its pilot scale counterpart, a new IMA Zanazi Plus, to be installed in the existing GMP facility.
  • The Thomas Flex 500 tablet coater, which offers increased tablet coating productivity while maintaining product quality, consistence and process reliability. The unit can be equipped with both 48” and 60” pans offering a wide range of batch sizes. The machine is rated for organic solvent spraying.
  • Fully instrumented Fette tablet presses.
  • Two high-speed bottling lines that will be serialization-ready with Optel instrumentation and systems.

Each of the 13 production suites feature 100-percent outside air that is not recirculated through the plant. Each suite is designed with multiple airlocks that allow for process and product flows that greatly mitigate cross-contamination risks. Containment solutions are available for a wide array of unit operations. The facility features a large vault designed to house Schedule II controlled substances. It also is pre-engineered to be expanded as needed to accommodate further growth.

The new facility will be fully validated and open to client business by January 2018.

Once commercial production activities move into the new facility, Metrics will retrofit its existing facility — significantly increasing development and clinical trial material capacity.

While we are making enormous changes to our facilities, some things at Metrics will never change — such as conducting sound and thoughtful science that helps our pharmaceutical industry clients succeed and grow. Metrics remains committed to getting your compound to clinical trial with speed, safety and compliance.

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