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Metrics Senior Scientists Receive Promotions

Metrics Senior Scientists Receive Promotions

March 1, 2013

The recent acquisition by Mayne Pharma has paved the way for new leadership opportunities for several veteran scientists at Metrics.

Senior scientists Dr. Brad Gold, Joe Cascone and Joe Cobb have been promoted to new roles at Metrics. Here’s a description of the work they’re now doing on behalf of Metrics clients.

Dr. Brad Gold
Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development

Gold’s promotion expands his previous role as senior director of pharmaceutical development and new technology. Capabilities Gold manages include:

  • Formulation development. Metrics’ formulation scientists average 17 years of career experience and offer expert recommendations on insoluble and unstable actives, potent and toxic actives, and small molecule delivery.
  • Potent and cytotoxic products. The company has a cGMP dedicated and segregated facility that features custom-engineered total containment without open processes or respirators.
  • Fast-track development. Thanks to Metrics’ industry-leading ratio of four analytical chemists for every formulator, the company routinely meets accelerated timelines and delivers from new chemical entity to first-time-in-man within five months.
  • Analytical methods development and validation. Metrics’ 130-plus analytical chemists develop and validate methods with transfer and ease-of-use in mind for seamless scale up.

“After demonstrating solid leadership here at Metrics for more than 10 years, Brad has more than earned the trust and respect of our entire team,” said Phil Hodges, president. “He has the scientific knowledge and operational management skills we need to continue growing our core pharmaceutical development capabilities.”

In addition, Gold is responsible for implementing new technology platforms that include advanced drug delivery methods. He holds a doctorate in pharmaceutics/medicinal chemistry from the University of Kentucky, from which he earned master’s and bachelor’s degrees in chemistry

Joe Cascone
Senior Director of Operations

In his new role at Metrics, Cascone manages the company’s commercial drug product manufacturing and packaging capabilities. He also is responsible for facility-related operations such as engineering, environmental health and safety, and security.

“Metrics has the expertise and resources to quickly move a product from development to commercialization, which appeals to clients for whom timing is everything,” Hodges said. “As experienced and knowledgeable as Joe is, he’ll ensure that our manufacturing operations remain ahead of the competitive field in both quality and efficiency.”

Cascone previously served as director of potent pharmaceutical development, managing Metrics’ potent and cytotoxic drug handling capabilities as well as its dedicated and segregated potent facility.

Cascone holds a bachelor’s of science degree in biology and chemistry from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree in business administration from East Carolina University.

Joe Cobb, CPIP
Director of Pharmaceutical Development

In his new position, Cobb manages all aspects of projects at Metrics that involve early-phase solid oral dosage development. He also oversees the company’s potent and cytotoxic drug development services, which include a dedicated and segregated potent facility.

“Joe is a smart and capable leader who has been instrumental in guiding the success and growth of Metrics’ formulation development capabilities,” Hodges said. “With these new responsibilities, Joe will bring to his role the same thoughtfulness and resourcefulness.”

Cobb holds the highly respected Certified Pharmaceutical Industry Professional credential from ISPE, the only competency-based international certification for pharmaceutical professionals. He earned his chemical engineering degree from The Ohio State University.