Dedicated to proactive problem solving, we approach your project in a unique and collaborative way so that you can bring your product to market with confidence.

Our Approach

We understand the importance of continuity when scaling your product from initial concept to commercialization. That is why we assign a team of specialists and operators to support you throughout the duration of your project at Metrics.

This team has full accountability for your project and allows you to consistently collaborate with the same scientists and specialists. We are committed to providing a long-term partnership and successfully advancing your product’s journey.

We're Serious about Science

At Metrics Contract Services we pride ourselves on being a science-led CDMO. Unlike other CDMOs in pharmaceutical development, our manufacturing operators report to our leading scientists and scientific directors and become part of your team, building familiarity with you and your unique program. Each team has deep experience and takes a hands-on approach to solve your problems.

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