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Raw Materials Testing

Efficient, effective raw materials testing services.

Metrics Contract Services raw materials laboratory provides support for method testing of excipients and intermediates as well as development of non-compendial methods as needed. Metrics Contract Services performs routine testing of many common excipients per both USP and EP compendia. Our scientists are familiar with both JP and BP compendia testing as well as the FCC. Our raw materials group routinely performs both GC and LC analyses per these compendia as well as client specific methods. Review our raw materials testing capabilities below.

A full range of raw materials testing services.

Metrics Contract Services offers a comprehensive range of raw material testing services, meeting both global and domestic compendia:

  • Full-service compendial testing, including USP/NF, BP, EP, JP and ACS monographs
  • Streamlined preparation and testing procedures to meet rapid timelines. Just-in-time testing system provides for methods on schedules agreed upon with the client. We also offer a 24-hour emergency turnaround option if needed.
  • Complete GMP review of all data to ensure quality results