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Release & Stability Testing

Comprehensive stability services.

Metrics Contract Services offers a complete stability program with ICH, cGMP and global storage conditions. At any given time, we have 900 stability studies on going. Our ICH-compliant stability storage accommodates temperatures from -80°C to 60°C and, where applicable, humidity control from < 25% RH to 75% RH with many intermediate options available. Metrics Contract Services also offers customized storage conditions should your products storage needs surpass the ICH requirements. View our complete range of stability conditions.

Secure and reliable.

All stability chambers are monitored by a building management system that records temperature and humidity every five minutes and notifies appropriate personnel if pre-determined alarm criteria are met. Learn more about our facility and our overlapping backup systems.

Stability support throughout product lifecycle.

From pre-IND through clinical trials and commercial manufacturing, Metrics Contract Services veteran staff can provide a range of stability testing services, including routine analysis such as CTM release and stability testing.


Release and Stability Testing Capabilities

Metrics Contract Services full-service stability program:

  • Study protocol development
  • Packaging, labeling and storage of product
  • Analytical testing
  • Data management
  • Statistical analysis of data
  • Complete reporting – you will receive a complete, fully-documented data package ready for submission to the FDA.

Customized options available.

Metrics Contract Services also can offer customized storage conditions that surpass ICH requirements. Photostability and thermal cycling (freeze/thaw) studies are also available. Learn more about the reliability and security of our stability storage facility and a complete range of stability conditions.

State-of-the-art, fully validated stability data management.

Stability scheduling and statistical analysis are managed through SLIM and SLIMStat+, which were developed through a collaborative effort between H&A Scientific (Greenville, NC) and Metrics Contract Services' scientists. SLIM is the stability management choice for over 40 leading pharmaceutical organizations.

Learn more about the reliability and security of our stability storage facility.

More thoughtful science from Metrics Contract Services.

More than just your contract formulation partner, Metrics Contract Services’ veteran scientists continually explore ways to practice “thoughtful science.” Here is a recent poster related to solving unexpected problems during routine stability testing. “Detection of Label Photoinitiator in a Potent Product: A Case Study,” by Deanna Williamson

Bring your next stability study to Metrics Contract Services.

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