Meet Kim Black-Washington

5 mins 29/03/22
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Meet the Business Development Execs: Kim Black-Washington

Meet Metrics’ Business Development Execs: Kim Black-Washington

Our business development executives (BDEs) are the experienced leaders who help us excel our projects and ensure that we deliver world-class drug products through a quality-first approach.

In our newest blog series, we’re pulling back the curtain to get to know the people who oversee some of our most ambitious projects in getting life-saving treatments to patients around the world. 

Kicking off the first in the series, we interviewed Kim Black-Washington, our senior business development executive with over 15 years of global experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, to find out more about her.

What drives you to work in the novel OSD market?  

I’ve worked as both a scientific and business professional in the oral solid dose field, and across both roles I’ve always loved the idea of dedicating my professional energy to advancing new medicines that will improve the quality of patient lives.  

When it comes to innovation, I’ve always taken my product development commitments very seriously, believing that quality is a must, project execution on timelines and budget is critical, but having access to the right expertise and technology at the right phase can really de-risk a project. 

As a whole, I really love the pace and breadth of project types that the contract development and manufacturing market provides.

What brought you to Metrics?  

Put simply, I was drawn to working at Metrics because of its strong industry reputation for client satisfaction. I am proud to work here, respect the strong foundation built by employees that have worked here for decades, and excited to have the opportunity to help our clients take advantage of ramping up to commercial manufacturing and packaging on the same site, with an extended team that includes both clinical and commercial team members experienced in launching commercial products..

What are your hopes and ambitions for the industry? 

When I began working in Biotech, the majority of drug development work was performed in-house, but it didn’t take long for outsourcing became the norm.  

My hopes and ambitions revolve around the idea that suppliers should be real partners, not just external resource. Clients have depth in product knowledge, but suppliers can offer a breadth of expertise that can positively impact project success and expedite timelines.  Together, we can make a strong partnership.  

When we collaborate to define our inputs, overcome molecular challenges, and de-risk scale-up, we can achieve tangible and positive results.

What, in your opinion, are the biggest current growth drivers impacting the OSD market? 

I recently read that oral solid dosage forms remain the preferred route of drug delivery.  Patients prefer taking medication by mouth to injection, and small molecule drug products are generally easier and more cost effective to manufacture than Biologic products.  Demand remains strong overall for oral solid dosage forms, and faster growing pockets, such as oncology products, high potent compounds, controlled drugs are areas where CDMO’s like Metrics Contract Services can really provide the infrastructure, expertise and efficiencies that can lower the total cost of supply for pharma companies of all sizes.

What are the key market trends we can expect to impact the novel OSD market in the next year?

The global OSD market remains a growing market (estimated 6.5% CAGR) and it is still characterized by new innovator entrants, a rise in New Molecular Entity approvals, and steady funding for early development and specific therapeutic areas, such as oncology and indications with fast track approvals. 

In my opinion, we’ll continue seeing rapid growth in these areas and manufacturers will need to find innovative ways to keep up with these heightened demands. 

What are the biggest challenges that OSD manufacturers must overcome in 2022? 

In addition to traditional concerns such as limited API and challenging molecular properties, one of the current challenges facing OSD manufacturers may include sourcing and supply chain delays due to COVID-19, which still continues to have a significant impact. 

They might also experience difficulties finding a manufacturing partner that can accept potent compounds or solvents. Similarly, they might struggle to identify a partner that can support their advanced or complex drug formulations, which can often require adjustments to their existing marketing strategies based on regional or patient segment differences. 

How is Metrics prepared to help overcome these challenges?  

At Metrics Contract Services (MCS), our reputation has been built upon our dedication to working collaboratively with early phase clients to overcome their project challenges. We’re also renowned for supporting scale-up with strong de-risking strategies that ensure a robust formulation for late phase and commercial projects. 

Our team of scientists and engineers are comprised of a great many individuals with over 20 years of drug development experience. On top of this, our equipment train can scale from supporting very small volume early phase work with minimal loss of API, to commercial batch sizes, resulting in end-to-end drug product manufacturing from phase I through commercial stages. And we can do this all from a single site. 

We can support highly potent compounds, controlled substances, and have solvent capability for commercial manufacturing.

Finally, if you could give any advice to potential clients, what would it be?  

I’d encourage any potential clients to consider the unique competitive advantage of a firm that can offer a one campus approach to novel oral solid dose development. The Metrics team has been together and delivering exceptional results for decades.  Whether your project goals include moving to the next phase of clinical development or transitioning to commercial, this team has the people, equipment, expertise and purpose-built facility to support you. 

Working at Metrics Contact Services 

At Metrics, we are a science-led contract development and manufacturing organization on a mission to help you take your complex novel oral solid dosage forms from initial concept through to global commercialization.

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