Facility Expansion

2 mins 24/06/20
Author name: Dee Harper

Mayne Pharma Announces Expansion of U.S. Production Space

24 June 2020, Greenville, N.C.: Mayne Pharma today announced expansion of its Greenville, North Carolina, production facility to support projected growth of the company’s portfolio and third-party contract manufacturing business.

The expansion will add 3,760 square feet of production space to the current facility and will consist of three new rooms: One dispensing/flex room, one tablet press room and one flex room to accommodate an increase in customer products. The space will house key equipment, including a Fette FE55 tablet press, a Bosch 720 encapsulator, and a weigh and dispense isolator.

“The new equipment we’ve purchased is ideal for small batch size and high changeover products,” said Troy Woelfel, vice president and general manager of Greenville operations. “Growing our manufacturing capabilities reflects our commitment to providing our customers with quality services from concept through to commercialization.”

The Fette FE55 can produce more than 90 percent of all tablet types and is known for its production efficiency and high yields. It enables quick changeover of product mix, has bi-layer capacity, and features containment capabilities for the safe handling of potent products.

The Bosch 720 encapsulator has an output of 720 capsules per minute. It achieves process precision, high yields, stability in capsule filling and offers containment for the safe handling of potent products. The weigh and dispense isolator offers the same safe potent product handling ability while increasing capacity for weighing and dispensing product and includes low humidity control.

According to Woelfel, construction on the production space is expected to commence in August and be operational in early 2021. Woelfel adds, “Mayne Pharma is well-positioned to respond to both the evolving industry landscape and to the increasing demand for our services.”

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