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Pre-Commercial Capacity Repurposing

Metrics to nearly double pre-commercial pharmaceutical development space  

Metrics Contract Services is increasing by 85 percent the number of labs and manufacturing suites dedicated to formulation development and analytical chemistry activities.

With all commercial manufacturing housed in a new facility at our Greenville, N.C., site, the former manufacturing facility is being repurposed to expand pre-commercial services offered by Metrics. Our capacity for handling projects ranging from pre-clinical development to Phase III clinical trial materials manufacturing will grow significantly, thanks to our new space.

Metrics also now offers development clients a comprehensive “concept to commercialization” solution in one contiguous location under one FDA site registration — delivering larger scale and increased capabilities for seamless scale-up, and reducing or eliminating the need for site transfers.

Our team has successfully tested, manufactured and packaged commercial products for more than 10 years. Space constraints in our former manufacturing facility precluded Metrics from broadly offering commercial manufacturing to clients.

Metrics provides formulation development and analytical chemistry testing services to more than 100 third-party clients worldwide.