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Stability Storage Center of Excellence

Our $3.5-million stand-alone Stability Center of Excellence is a world-class facility that readily meets the needs of our clients’ stability storage projects today and well into the future.

Integrating cutting-edge operational standards and equipment, the 17,000-square-feet facility features:

  • 100-percent back-up power generation providing 1,200 kilowatts of electricity, fueled by 
an uninterrupted supply of natural gas. 

  • Integrated system redundancies for HVAC, chillers and humidifiers. 

  • 100-percent seamless and sealed construction inside and outside units. 

  • Specialty climatic mapping and tolerances that include each International Conference 
on Harmonisation (ICH) stability zone for temperature and humidity. 

Included in the facility are:

  • Three stability chambers with available shelving capacity of 900 square feet each,
  • One chamber with available shelving capacity of 1,530 square feet, and
  • One chamber with available shelving capacity of 6,444 square feet. 

The company built sufficient square footage to double the number of chambers initially installed, providing 
room to grow for years.