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Pharmaceutical Development

Our cGMP facility supports all phases of drug product development.

Metrics Contract Services’ Greenville, NC site features more than 93,000 square feet of pharmaceutical drug product development and manufacturing space, all under one roof. That’s double our capacity from only five years ago—driven by demand for high quality, seamless contract services that can deliver products through the pipeline to Phase I, II and III clinical trials.

We custom designed our facility for the formulation pathway.

Metrics Contract Services’ fully integrated, cGMP facility is custom designed to accommodate our experienced team of analytical, pharmaceutical, formulation, quality and manufacturing scientists. Built to exacting specifications, this state-of-the-art facility houses:

  • A dedicated and isolated potent and cytotoxic facility
  • Four analytical laboratories
  • Twelve development rooms (five suites for potent actives, OEL at or above 1mcg/m3 room air)
  • Two suites for potent actives with 100% contained equipment (OEL at or above 30ng/m3 room air)

Metrics Contract Services has an additional 54,000 square foot cGMP warehouse facility utilized for storing cGMP support materials and clean equipment. Click below image for a detailed layout of our building.

Take a look at our recently updated equipment list, which includes a comprehensive overview of equipment across our entire Greenville campus.