All Under
One Roof

We provide seamless scale-up from initial concept to global commercialization under a single FDA registration, eliminating costly and time-consuming site-transfers. Our experienced team and unique approach allow our customers to navigate the clinical and commercial journey and go to market with confidence.

True Concept to Commercialization

Engineered around our customers and their development journey, Metrics Contract Services translates formulations into a viable product.

Working harmoniously under one roof, our customer’s benefit from:

  • A long-term trusted partnership for your drug product life cycle
  • Consistency for the duration of your program through a Project Lead and dedicated project team of scientists
  • A commercial mindset from the outset that gives you the confidence to plan ahead
  • A facility that holds a vast range of equipment and capabilities to provide flexibility and meet niche requirements
  • Reducing or completely eliminating tech-transfer and bioequivalence thus minimizing risk

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