& Drug Release

Metrics Contract Services' scientists have the tools and expertise to deliver dissolution and drug release testing for any of your oral solid dose products. We have extensive capacity and over 150 chemists on hand to support your project.

Dedicated to your Success

With extensive experience and knowledge in dissolution and drug release testing, we help you make decisions that save time and create efficiency for your project.

Dedicated to your success, we deliver data to support development and formulation decisions and regulatory filings.

We have the capacity, equipment and expert analytical scientists to meet your requirements. Our team is skilled in UV/Vis spectroscopy and HPLC analysis and is capable of handling your complex and potent products.


Dissolution Testing

  • Immediate release and modified release formulations
  • Single medium dissolutions, 2-stage dissolutions, 12- and 24-hour dissolutions
  • Intrinsic dissolution testing and dissolution media mapping
  • Comparative studies – overencapsulated commercial tablets and capsules

Potent Compound and Product Capabilities

  • Water-soluble, sparingly water-soluble, toxic, potent, DEA-regulated, and unstable compounds
  • Capsules, tablets, enteric-coated tablets, suspensions, chewables, and transdermal patches


  • Apparatus 1, 2, 3, and 5; manual or automated sampling
  • UV/VIS and HPLC analysis options

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