When you are facing increasing pressures to get your product to market efficiently and cost effectively, selecting the right partner is paramount. It is critical to find a CDMO that not only has the right technical know-how but can support you through the complex clinical process.

Metrics Contract Services has developed hundreds of pharmaceutical products and made thousands of clinical trial batches. Therefore, our expertise provides the speed and flexibility required to efficiently progress your product’s clinical journey.

Pharmaceutical Development & Clinical Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Development & Clinical Manufacturing continued

The development journey for your drug product may bring various hurdles your way, particularly when you are working with complex compounds. Due to our vast experiences working with novel oral solid dose products just like yours, it’s rare we face a challenge we have not seen before. Our scientists have an average of 12 years’ experience, which means we can proactively anticipate issues and provide dependable delivery to meet your timelines.

We also have a strong track record supporting programs that qualify for expedited approval pathways, including US Fast Track, EU Priority Review, and Japanese Sakigake. We continue to build on our experience by providing technical excellence, strong cGMP compliance, and wholehearted commitment to every customer.




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