Complex novel oral solid compounds can be notoriously difficult to progress. If you are working tirelessly on a formulation challenge you cannot beat, this is where Metrics can help. We have successfully developed a wide range of novel oral solid dosage forms for hundreds of companies, from large pharmaceutical to virtual biotech organizations. As a science-led CDMO, our goal is to harness complexity and deliver confidence.

Experienced Scientists, Novel Setting

Our team of expert formulation scientists delivers materials for all phases of clinical development through to commercial supply. By providing our development services adjacent to our commercial operations, we advance formulations with the end goal in mind. Our collaborative and innovative approach ensures that our customers’ goals are met so that their products can reach the market as quickly as possible.

In our state-of-the-art 93,000 sq-ft facility, we have the capability to handle controlled substances (CI-CV) as well as potent APIs with OELs down to 30 ng/m³. Our batch sizes range from 100g to 450kg, which allows for efficient scale-up from early-stage clinical batches to registration and drug product commercialization.


Formulation Areas

Metrics Contract Services specializes in the following formulation areas:

  • Bioavailability enhancement
  • Controlled and modified release technologies
  • Poorly soluble APIs
  • Potent APIs
  • Taste masking and pediatric dosage forms
  • Multi-particulate drug delivery systems

Our formulation development is amply supported by our Analytical Services group.

Oral Solid Dosage Specialists

Our technical formulation expertise for oral solid dosage includes:

  • High shear wet granulation
  • Dry granulation
  • Milling and micronizing
  • Fluid bed coating and drying (extrusion and high shear)
  • Wurster granulation and coating
  • Tablet and capsule film coating
  • Pellet (bead) layering and coating


Novel OSD

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