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Product Development & Manufacturing

Metrics Contract Services has been providing formulation and clinical supplies since 1997.

When we introduced these services, our goal was to provide our customers with speed and flexibility to get their new chemical entities into Phase I clinical trials. Today, we continue to build on our experience of working with over 200 clients, hundreds of pharmaceutical products, and thousands of clinical trial material batches by providing excellent technical expertise, strong cGMP compliance, and industry leading communications. 

Formulation Development

At Metrics Contract Services, our team of veteran formulation scientists bring the experience to solve even the most complex formulation challenges for oral solid dosage forms. With key formulation techniques that include high shear wet granulation, fluid bed coating and drying (extrusion and high shear) and pellet (bead) layering and coating, we can provide the solution you need for your product.

Easy as Phase I, II, III — Clinical Manufacturing at Metrics Contract Services

Metrics Contract Services offers the latest theories and scientific know-how plus real-world experience across hundreds of products that are leveraged for solutions to benefit your specific program. From grams to kilograms, Metrics Contract Services has the facilities and equipment to deliver materials for Phase I, II and III clinical trials. (all phases of clinical development)

Metrics has experience supporting programs that qualify for US Fast Track, EU Priority Review, and Japanese Sakigake. We are supporting a broad portfolio of oncology programs progressing through abbreviated clinical trials and regulatory review. Our technical teams can advise clients on how to prioritize product, process, and analytical development to achieve phase-appropriate milestones while balancing constraints of time, drug substance, and budgets. Metrics partners with clients as programs undergo due diligence and out-licensing. We are committed to helping programs achieve their maximum potential and reach patients as quickly as possible.

Commercial Manufacturing - Expanded Facilities Leads to Expanded Capabilities

Completion of the $80-million site expansion in Greenville, NC created additional capacity needed for Metrics to offer its development clients a “concept to commercialization” solution in one contiguous location under one site registration.

When outfitting the new commercial manufacturing facility, Mayne Pharma invested in some of the highest quality pharmaceutical equipment available today. Pieces have been carefully selected to complement existing platforms, minimize scale-up risks, and expand capabilities. The facility is designed for flexibility with several multipurpose suites and portable equipment for oral solid dose products with batch sizes up to 400kg. We are ready to support products with annual demands as small as 1M or as large as 100M doses. Our eastern-US location is an ideal choice for a secondary manufacturing site to assure supply for high value programs.