Meet Josh

2 mins 28/09/20
Author name: Dee Harper

Meet the Scientist: Josh Croom

How long have you been with Metrics Contract Services?

Two and a half years

What is your role?

Microbiologist II in the Quality Control Department

What accomplishment/project/area of work is your specialty or makes you proud?

On a weekly basis I perform multiple microbial limits tests on various APIs and finished products. The Micro group performs Microbial Limits Testing on not only the APIs and finished products for MCS clients, but also APIs and commercial finished products that are made onsite. The Micro group also performs Water Testing, Particulate Matter, Sterility and BET testing.

Are there any special organizational strategies you use to be efficient at work?

With the Micro group testing products for various clients throughout the company, our sample tracking spreadsheet helps ensure that our group can complete work in a timely manner.

What are your team’s latest achievements?

I think the Micro team’s dynamic approach to working a COVID schedule with the lengths/time frames of micro testing has been a great achievement. Most micro testing takes about a week to complete, and the communication between the micro team’s analyst about what work needs to be completed for one another has been great. The Micro team is a small group with only six people. The dynamic approach we took was working a split shift. Four people during the week and two on the weekends to help limit the number of people on site at one time. With that schedule an analyst would start testing and due to the length of the tests, another analyst would have to conclude the test when they came in on their shift.

How do you think those accomplishments might impact the contract pharmaceutical industry and the industry at large?

I believe the agility of a team that can succeed during stressful times is important for the company’s success.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I find it rewarding that I can perform microbiological testing on many products in support of all the MCS groups. An average testing session includes preparation of the laboratory notebooks, making a sample dilution and then plating and incubating the samples.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received from one of your mentors/colleagues?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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