Meet Kameron Nicholson

3 mins 21/10/21
Author name: Dee Harper

Meet the Scientist: Kameron S. Nicholson

Meet the Scientist: Kameron S. Nicholson

How long have you been with Metrics Contract Services?
Two Years

What is your role?
Analytical Chemist II

What accomplishment/project/area of work is your specialty or makes you proud?
A personal accomplishment that I felt most involved in that I am proud of is troubleshooting a dissolution method that was transferred in. We were observing HPLC analyses shutting down due to over-pressurizing. Our hypothesis was that with such a large injection volume (100uL) containing SDS and with each injection washing the injection needle with 100% acetonitrile, the result over the course of a long run was full HPLC system clogging leading to over-pressurizing. Through informal investigation we were able to visually confirm on benchtop experimentation that the dissolution media mixed with acetonitrile resulted in the SDS precipitating out of solution. This confirmed our hypothesis, we were able to revise the method, and haven’t since experienced this issue.

Are there any special organizational strategies you use to be efficient at work?
As a process-driven individual, I have honed practices into an efficient strategy I use for testing, witnessing and other work activities. For example, prior to entering the lab testing, I print all specifications, methods, sample information, SOPs, and worksheets I might need while actively working. If the analysis includes HPLC, I create Empower methods and sequence prior to execution of lab-related work. This typically allows me to prepare an instrument and standard/samples without the distraction caused by having to return to my desk. This method has both reduced my human error rate and increased my right-first-time metrics.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
While it has been a welcoming challenge to expand on my previous near-decade of experience within the commercial pharmaceutical lab setting, I find it truly rewarding that those skills and knowledge are of value in the pre-commercial side. I get to share it with newly minted analysts and scientists. I enjoy the on-boarding process in welcoming and helping our newcomers get comfortable; to empower them to feel comfortable asking questions and being able to guide them on their professional journeys. Part of being a leader is helping others be as successful as you are.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received from one of your mentors/colleagues?
One of the most memorable pieces of advice I have received is “when you acquire chromatography, it exists forever, so don’t acquire chromatography you can’t live with.” To me, this means that I intend to only acquire chromatography I can defend. What that looks like in practice is: active monitoring of baseline and system suitability criteria for confident sample data acquisition. This advice has served me well in my career.