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2 mins 06/07/21
Author name: met_ra_ric

Meet the Scientist: Michael Clark

How long have you been with Metrics Contract Services?

I started in Pharmaceutical Development and was there for about five years.  I have been in Tech Services for almost one year now.


What is your role?

I am a Technology Transfer Lead in Technical Services.  My role is to scale up and transfer products from our development manufacturing area to our commercial facility.


What accomplishment/project/area of work is your specialty or makes you proud?

Risk and gap assessments are a large part of what my job pertains to, and we do a great job at characterizing the manufacturing processes and the impact on the Quality Target Product Profile. My group as a whole values client relationships, and the key to a great relationship is open discussion during this assessment process to ensure we have a commercially viable product.


Are there any special organizational strategies you use to be efficient at work?

Weekly calendars and self-assigned action items.


What’s are your team’s latest achievements?

My team is actively working on transferring eight different products from Metrics Contract Services’ Pharmaceutical Development along with supporting the products we have already transferred to commercial manufacturing.


How do you think those accomplishments might impact the contract pharmaceutical industry and the industry at large?

My team’s leader has charged us with working with the Metrics Contract Services Pharm Dev team as soon as possible in the product’s life to ensure a smooth transfer process and to ensure we are transferring a robust process for our clients.  This early interaction helps our clients achieve fast timelines to market.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

We touch quite of few products that provide a wide range of treatments to patients of all kind.  Being just a small part to improving the lives of many is the largest reward.


What is the best piece of advice you ever received from one of your mentors/colleagues?

At this stage we are the largest advocates for the patient.  Be committed and don’t be afraid to speak up for what you think is right.  No idea is a bad idea, and the patient deserves the best path forward.

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