3 mins 08/07/21
Author name: Dee Harper

Meet the Scientist: Susan Erickson

How long have you been with Metrics Contract Services?

Five and a half years.


What is your role?

I am an Analytical Chemist II in the internal QC department.


What accomplishment/project/area of work is your specialty or makes you proud?

I am the ordering liaison for the QC group and that work makes me proud. We recently switched to a new ordering system (Coupa), and with any new system, there are kinks. It makes me proud when I can work through them and get our materials here on time for testing. When I am asked to order a material, it is usually needed as soon as possible for testing purposes. When I can get it here on time and the schedule isn’t impacted, product is released on time to the public.


Are there any special organizational strategies you use to be efficient at work?

I am a very organized person. I have my own little systems in place for when I am in the lab and at my desk. The processes include color coordination and labeling and filing in certain orders. When you do this work for years, you develop processes that ensure what you are doing is correct and mistakes are minimal.


What are your team’s latest achievements?

Coming back together as a whole team and working together. Since COVID-19 hit, we have been split into two teams and are not working so much as a whole. The past year there has been challenging, however, now we all work together one and half days a week and I feel like that is bringing us all closer again as a team. It is easier to get all the work done when we work as a team.


How do you think those accomplishments might impact the contract pharmaceutical industry and the industry at large?

As I said before, the ordering affects the testing schedule. When items arrive on time, testing happens on schedule and the product is released to the public on time. In this business when the product is a medication that helps patients, it is extremely important for it to be released on time.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Knowing that what we test and release to the public helps people in multiple ways and that, without what we do, those people would not receive a high-quality medication.


What is the best piece of advice you ever received from one of your mentors/colleagues?

The best advice I have gotten is don’t compare yourself to others. Be your own person and do your own work.


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