Less than 1 min 22/02/20

Outsourcing Analytical Testing: Novel Services Elicit Consistent, Quantifiable, & Faster Results

The global pharmaceutical analytical testing outsourcing market size is projected to reach $10.4 billion by 2026, according to a recent report by Grand View Research, Inc. Clinical bioanalytical testing services are projected to be the largest service segment over the forecast period. With many big companies lacking the required manufacturing set-up and expertise to carry out in-house testing services, outsourcing is essential to remain competitive.

At Metrics Contract Services, we perform a variety of analysis testing, including charged aerosol detection (CAD). In this article with Drug Development & Delivery, Holly Horton, Senior Analytical Chemist at Metrics, joins other industry experts in describing some novel analytical testing services aimed at ensuring quality and safety, and in some cases, speeding the process and saving money. Read the full article here.


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