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Metrics Contract Services Announces Serialization Capabilities at Greenville Site

Metrics Contract Services Continues Strong Focus on First-Time-In-Man and Phase I Services

Governor helps cut ribbon on Mayne Pharma’s new $80M commercial manufacturing facility

A closer look at Mayne Pharma's new commercial manufacturing equipment

See the progress on Mayne Pharma’s new administrative center

Greenville site has long track record of commercial manufacturing excellence

Mayne Pharma, Metrics Contract Services, designate their new stability storage facility a Center of Excellence

Diode-Array Detection can be used to identify unknown peaks observed in chromatography by Jerry "Junior" Mizell

New Glatt GPCG 10 Fluid Bed Granulator at Metrics
by Tom Salus

Stability Storage Facility Q&A with John Ross

Formulation Development Success Story: Uric Acid Treatment Approved by FDA by Anshul Gupte

Virtual Pharma Companies: The Future is Now by Tom Salus

Formulating ‘one and done’ daily dosing involving a highly water-soluble API by Michael DeHart

A Case Study of Effect of Binder Type on Dry Granulation and Tablet Compression Properties of a Model Formulation by Anshul Gupte

Determination of Trifluoroacetic Acid in Human Urine, Using 19F-NMR, After Inhalation of 1,1,1,2-­‐Tetrafluoroethane or Dichlorodifluoromethane by Thomas B. Gold

Physical Appearance Determination of a Drug Substance Utilizing a Commercially Available Color Guide by Jennifer Alligood

A Case Study of Using Common Low Moisture Fillers in the Roller Compacted Tablets by Anshul Gupte

Influence of Acid and Pepsin on ¹³CFormaldehyde Induced Gelatin Crosslinks Using Carbon-13 NMR by Thomas B. Gold

Improving Suspendibility of a Water-Insoluble Active in a Reconstitutable Powder for Oral Suspension by Thomas B. Gold

Two-Tier Color Matching of Placebo and Active Fast Dissolve Dosage Forms by Thomas B. Gold

Dissolution of a Phosphate Prodrug from Hard Gelatin Capsules: A Case Study by Thomas B. Gold

Detection of Label Photoinitiator in a Potent Product: A Case Study by Deanna Williamson

Using Quality by Design (QbD) for Process Optimization of a Novel Oral Solid Dosage Form by Joe Cobb

The Case Against Powder (Active Only) in Capsule Phase I Formulations for Poorly Soluble Drugs: A Comparison of In-Vitro Dissolution by Mike Ruff