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See the Progress on Mayne Pharma’s New Administrative Center

Metrics Contract Services is pleased to announce on behalf of Mayne Pharma, its parent company, the construction of a new administrative center.

The 35,000-square-foot building is part of an $80-million construction project that includes a new, state-of-the-art oral solid dose commercial manufacturing facility in Greenville, N.C., as well as the repurposing of existing adjacent facilities for additional development capacity.

Located in the center of the expanded campus, the administrative center will become the primary entrance to the Greenville site. It will feature a modern, naturally lit lobby, and abundant teleconference rooms, meeting rooms and workspaces. This space has been designed to readily and comfortably support Metrics’ clients in all of the reasons that bring them to Greenville — such as to observe manufacturing and testing, conduct audits, meet with scientists, and discuss new business opportunities.

In addition to offering tangible benefits for clients, the new administrative center will offer tangible benefits for employees. Metrics recognizes that our continued success depends on our employees. And as workplace wellness programs have been proven to enhance employee wellbeing, the center will house a 350-plus-seat cafeteria, an infirmary and a gymnasium to encourage healthy living and help employees turn wellness goals into accomplishments.

Moving into the administrative center in 1Q 2018 will free up existing space to create and dedicate 10 new manufacturing suites and 18,000 square feet of analytical laboratories. This substantial increase in capacity for pre-commercial services is key to positioning Metrics as a comprehensive “concept to commercialization” solution for clients in one contiguous location and under one site registration — delivering larger scale and increased capabilities for seamless scale-up, and reducing the technical and regulatory complexity of site transfers.

So, come see the progress on the new administrative center at Metrics. You will find plenty of space in which to conduct your work and see our employees in action.