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The Versatility of Charged Aerosol Detection

Charged Aerosol Detection (CAD) applies to a broad range of HPLC separations and possesses a number of desirable characteristics for detection and quantitation of various compounds including those without UV absorbing chromophores.

The benefits of CAD include:

  • Universal detection of non-volatile analytes
  • Consistent response independent of chemical properties
  • Broad dynamic response range with high sensitivity (0.1 to 1.0 ng)
  • Compatibility with Gradient Mobile Phases
  • Good precision for a wide diversity of analytes
  • Simple and reliable operation

These benefits make CAD an attractive detector for use in pharmaceutical drug development. It has even been termed as a “plug and play” detector. The only obstacle in using CAD is that the compound(s) of interest must be non-volatile and only volatile mobile phases can be used.

Metrics Contract Services has significant experience utilizing CAD technology throughout the drug development process including formulation development, impurities, cleaning validation, drug substance, and drug product characterization and stability. Due to its near-universal response, CAD technology can be used for many different types of compounds.

Metrics Contract Services has seen a trend with clients electing to re-develop and validate their own CAD methods currently to allow for better sensitivity and more uniform response for detection of impurities and actives in pharmaceutical analysis. This approach reduces the number of assay methods, saving time and money in long-term stability studies as well as in the overall development of the drug product.

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