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Mayne Pharma Announces Strategic investment in US Facilities

Our Continued Focus on FTIM and Phase I Services

For over 20 years, Metrics’ pharmaceutical development services have been growing, offering expanding capacities, capabilities, and manufacturing processes for small molecule oral solid dosage forms. And through it all, Metrics continues to invest in equipment and resources to support a healthy foundation of business in the First-time-in-Man and Phase I space.

Take a Look at Our New $80-Million Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Facility

With the added capacity of this new 126,000-square-foot facility our development clients can keep their projects in one contiguous location under one site registration. Watch our video and see for yourself.

Upcoming Events

Metrics is excited to share our upcoming events calendar. Connect with us at a meeting or conference in 2018 to learn more about our new offerings and what they mean for your next project.

Metrics Contract Services Appoints Associate Director of Pharmaceutical Development

Metrics Contract Services, the contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing division of Mayne Pharma, has appointed Yogesh D. Sadhale, Ph.D., as associate director of pharmaceutical development.

Sample Submission Request Form

Sending a sample to Metrics? Use this form to record your sample, storage and testing information...

Dissolution is King

In his article recently published by Contract Pharma, Keith Moore, Vice President of Analytical Services at Metrics Contract Services,  discusses why dissolution testing deserves closer attention and stronger emphasis in the pharmaceutical industry for defining the performance of a drug and ensuring product quality.

Mayne Pharma Appoints Executive Vice President At Metrics Contract Services

Mayne Pharma has appointed Kimberly McClintock as executive vice president at Metrics Contract Services, the company’s contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing division.

New $3.5M stability storage facility designated Center of Excellence

The Stability Center of Excellence, which is 17,000 square feet in size, triples the company's previous stability storage capacity. The center is fully validated and operational.